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VILARTA’s history goes back to 1925, when Gaspar Vilaregut Aguilar started his stock-farming and cattle trading activity in the county of Osona. It is an area of long stock-farming tradition and fine reputation.

After years of experience and good work done in the 1970s, Lluís Vilaregut Rifa (second generation in the business) and his wife Eugènia Tañà Codinachs formed VILARTA S.A.

From that point the company’s activity grew and it became a leading name in the import and export of cattle in the Spanish market.

Today the geographical ambit of their activities extends to all of Europe. Brothers Gaspar, Lluís and Gil, the third generation of the family, have pressed on with new projects while also benefiting from the more than 80 years of experience and history in the field of cattle trading.

With the passing of the years and in order to meet the needs of our customers, we have extended our activity with other services, all of which guarantee the conditions required by the EU:

  • Stopping point: to rest the cattle
  • Own transport: in order to offer faster service and guarantee the hygiene and welfare of the cattle
  • Fattening calves: Fattening calves to the age of 60 days or to a weight of over 100Kg.
  • Fattening cattle: Process of feeding the calf until it is ready to go to the slaughterhouse.
  • Disinfection point: For our own transport and for outside vehicles. The disinfection centre is homologated.
  • Certified production: Calves slaughtered under our own brand name “Carn de Bovi del Grup Vilarta” (Vilarta Group Beef) are subject to official qualities for certified meat.


Tlf: (+34) 93 889 26 86
Fax: (+34) 93 886 74 30

C-17 km 65,5
08503 GURB
Catalunya (Spain)